Are you thinking of selling your vinyl record collection or are you selling some records / lps that you inherited?

We have over 15 years of experience valuing, buying and selling second-hand records and are able to accurately value your collection of records, lps and singles and make you a suitable offer.

To sell your records please call Mark on 0405 803 851.

Condition of vinyl records

The greatest factor in valuing records is their condition. It’s doesn’t matter how rare a records is, they have little value if they are not enjoyable to listen to.

To accurately grade a record they have to be closely listened to (play grading) and visually inspected under a bright light.

We look for things like needle wear, scratches, bubbles, bits of paper or other defects in the vinyl. Playing the record is also the only reliable way to check if the record is warped or otherwise deformed.

Goldmine grading standard

The standard we use to grade the condition of vinyl records is called the Goldmine Standard. This grading is applied to both the cover and the actual record.

NM Near Mint
M Mint
VG+ Very Good Plus
VG Very Good
G+ Good Plus
G Good
P Poor
F Fair

Identifying the release

Most records have been released many times, in different countries and in different years. Releases from certain years and countries are more valuable than others. At first glance one may think two records are exact copies of each other but closer scrutiny can results in a vast differences in value.

How much are my records worth

After we have graded your records and checked the release, we can determine the value of your records. Other than the condition we also consider what local customers are actually buying. 

What we value and buy

We value and buy vinyl records in Melbourne and Victoria and will travel anywhere in Australia for very large or valuable collections. No collection too large!

Smaller collections can be offered at our store, daily from 10am to 6pm. We'll inspect your records and make you a suitable offer. Please call ahead so we can let you know if it's worth your while to come by.

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