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Hi, I am Mark, the owner of Audio Recycle.

Our company has been professionally buying vinyl records and high-end audio equipment in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and around Australia for many years and we enjoy what we do immensely.

Has the time come to say goodbye to a collection that you have built with love and care? Or are you helping a friend? Are you wondering "Where do I sell my vinyl records?" or "where to sell audio equipment"?

Audio Recycle is well placed to assist. Every year we help tens of thousands of records find their way back to music lovers through our Melbourne and Brisbane record stores called Dutch Vinyl.

We also purchase high quality audio equipment including turntables, amplifiers and speakers.

How we work?

Please get in touch with us when you are ready to sell.

We would like to learn the following about your records:

  • The number of records in your collection
  • The types of music / genres
  • A sample of the artists / bands
  • The  quality of the records and sleeves

Next we can arrange to inspect and value your collection.

We will give a fair and competitive offer to buy your collection. You can sell your records for cash or, if you prefer, we can pay via bank transfer or Paypal.

No collection is too large or too small.

Music genres we buy

We mostly buy 12" LP’s. We also look for 7" records but we are very selective with these.

Genres we looks for include:

  • Rock & Pop – from the 50s onwards. Progressive, Psych, Hard rock, Metal, Alternative, New wave, Indie, Electronic and Folk.
  • Jazz & Blues – we love it
  • Soul, Funk, R&B and Disco
  • Hip Hop / Rap – old school to now
  • Reggae – Island funk, Ska, Calypso
  • World Music & Latin – South American, Salsa, Latin Funk & Jazz, Cuban, Spanish and French.
  • Classical – though we are very selective

What we don't buy?

We buy a wide range of genres, but we don't buy some types of records such as 78 rpm records, musicals, big band records,  opera and children’s story records.

Audio Hifi Equipment we buy

We buy good quality / high-end / audiophile stereo equipments. We primarily focus audio separates such asTurntables, Amplifiers, Speakers and CD players.

We don't purchase Audio Visual surround sound amplifiers and speakers or all-in-one stereo systems.

Brands we look for include:


  • Thorens (td 124, td 125, td 126, td 150, td 160 etc)
  • Garrard 301/401
  • Technics (SL-1200, SL-1700, SP-10, SP-15 SP-25, SL-10)
  • Linn (Axis, Sondek LP12)
  • Ariston RD 11
  • Goldring / Lenco
  • Dual (1209, 1219, 1226, 1229, CS-505, CS-606)
  • Kenwood (L-07D, KD-5050, KP-9010)
  • Yamaha (P-550, PX-1, PX-2, PF-800, GT-750, GT-1000, GT-2000)
  • Denon (DP-3000, DP-47F, DP-57L, DP-57M, DP-59L, DP-60L, DP-62L, DP-67L, DP-72L
  • Luxman (PD-121, PD-131, PD-171, PD-272, PD-277, PD-284, PD-291, PD-300, PD-310, PD-444)
  • Micro Seiki (BL-91, BL-111, RX-1500, RX-2000, RX-3000, RX-5000, SX-5000, SX-8000, SZ-1, AP-M1, AP-M2, SX-777, SX-555, SX-111


  • Tannoy (Arden, Lancaster, Cheviot, Chatsworth, Monitor Gold, Berkeley, Canterbury)
  • Klipsch (Cornwall, Heresy, Klipschorn, Chorus, La Scala)
  • Infinity (RS 2.5, RS 4.5, RS 1, RS II, RS 5, IRS Beta, Kappa)
  • Quad (ESL 57, ESL 63, ESL 2805, ESL 2812, ESL 2912, ESL 2905)
  • JBL (L100 Century, 4310, 4333, 4425, 4430, 4435, L96, L100, L300 Summit, L250)
  • Spendor (SA1, BC1, BC2, BC2, SP100, Classic 1/2, 2/3, 4/5,
  • Celestion (Ditton 10, Ditton 15, Ditton 25, Ditton 33, Ditton 44, Ditton 66)
  • Warfdale (Diamond)
  • B&W (800 Diamond, 800D)
  • Roger (LS3/5A,
  • Acoustic Research (AR-1, AR-2, AR-3, AR-4, AR-5, AR-6, AR-7)
  • Bose 901
  • Magnaplan Magnaplanar
  • Thiel 3.6

Amplifiers (Tube and Solid state)

  • Sansui (AU-5900, AU-111, AU-517, AU-717, AU-8500, AU-11000, AU-9900)
  • Quad (II Classic, 33, 303, 34, 44,405, 405-2)
  • McIntosh (MC 275, MC2505, MC3500, M50W1,
  • Krell (KSA-100, KSA-50)
  • Audio Research (D-150, 600, 610T, 76A, Reference 610T, 70, 120)
  • Cary CAD-805
  • Plinius
  • Marantz (8B, 9)
  • Mark Levinson
  • Phase Linear (400, 700
  • Luxman
  • Accuphase
  • Yamaha
  • Kenwood
  • Naim

How to get there

Our shop is called Dutch Vinyl Record Store and in Melbourne we are located on 269 Johnston street in Abbotsford which is just off the Eastern freeway and Hoddle street, close to the Victoria Park Rail station and footy ground. We must be one of the last places in inner Melbourne with free parking.

Our Brisbane address is 179 Latrobe terrace in Paddington.

We will be happy to help get the records out of your car.

Ready to sell?

Mark in Melbourne: 0493 877 639

Rob in Brisbane: 0466 347 482

or use the form below to tell us about your record collection and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Note: we don't buy 78 rpm records

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Fleetwood Mac - Rumours (vinyl record)
Queen - Greatest hits (vinyl record)
Neil Young - Harvest (Vinyl Record)
Michael Jackson - Thriller (vinyl record)
Van Morrison - Astral Weeks (vinyl record)