Who buys vinyl records in Melbourne & Brisbane?

Hi, I am Mark, the owner of Audio Recycle.

Our aim is to find unused vinyl records and pass them on to a new generation of vinyl lovers.

It breaks our collective hearts to know that countless boxes of vinyl records sit unused in garages and attics. Our aim is to find these forgotten boxes of LP's and ensure that have a new home and another lease of life.

How Much are my Vinyl Records Worth?

The value of vinyl records can vary widely and is generally determined by three factors: artist, title, pressing and condition. After asking you a few questions about your collection, we may be able to give you a general price range but the final price is always made by our buyers after personally inspecting your collection. Give us a call today to set up an appointment.

Where to sell vinyl records?

We buy used / second-hand LPs, 45s and 12” singles from individuals all over Melbourne, Victoria and Australia.

We buy vinyl record collections of records from serious record collectors, radio stations, closed down shops, deceased estates, music industry executives, but mostly we buy regular collections from ordinary folk who collected in their younger years.

Simply put, if you have records, we want to talk to you. We’ve been buying LPs, 45s and 12″ singles for many years. No collection is too large.

I’m not sure if I have LPs, 45s or maybe they’re 78s?

LPs: “LP” stands for Long Playing. These are also often called “albums” or “33s,” since they play at 33 revolutions per minute. LPs are typically 12 inches in diameter with a small spindle hole in the center, have a number of songs on each side, and usually come inside cardboard covers with artwork/pictures.

45s: 45s feature one song on each side and, at just 7 inches in diameter, are much smaller than LPs. They have a large hole in the middle and usually were originally sold with just a plain paper sleeve.12-inch singles: 12″ singles are the same size as LPs, but have only one song on each side.

78s: At 10 inches in diameter, 78s are not quite as small as 45s but not quite as large as LPs. They feature one song on each side and were made of shellac as opposed to vinyl. They were originally packaged in plain or generic paper sleeves and are quite fragile.

NOTE: We don't buy 78rpm records.

Do my records have to be in covers?

LPs do have to be in original covers for us to consider buying them, but we will look at 45s if they have no sleeves.

Ready to sell?

Mark in Melbourne: 0405 803 851

Kate in Brisbane: 0466 347 482

Callum in Bangalow: 0400 674 878

or use the form below to tell us about your record collection and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Note: we don't buy 78 rpm records

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Fleetwood Mac - Rumours (vinyl record)
Queen - Greatest hits (vinyl record)
Neil Young - Harvest (Vinyl Record)
Michael Jackson - Thriller (vinyl record)
Van Morrison - Astral Weeks (vinyl record)